500 status code on getEta()


I’m using PHP sdk for Stuart API (v. 3.5.0). Almost everything works in sandbox environment except getEta method which is throwing exception with status code 500 and response: {"error":"UNKNOWN","message":"Empty input () at line 1, column 1 [parse.c:988] in '<some completely not related html code here>'}. Tested few days ago, today same. Job object is same like in case of pricing. Pricing endpoint works fine. All required fields are filled.

Additionally pricing endpoint was throwing some OAuth exception today morning but assuming that that was some temporary problem.

Best Mark

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your message. This is a known issue impacting only the ETA endpoint in sandbox that our team is actively investigating right now.

The OAuth problem was indeed a temporary issue which is now resolved. Thank you for raising the issue and for your patience in its resolution.


Hello @mark,

This 500 error on the get ETA endpoint is now resolved. Thank you for reporting the issue and let us know if you notice other such issues in the future.

Hi, yes, it’s fixed (no 500 error anymore). But not sure what I’m doing wrong. Tested few combinations of addresses, different cities etc, but I always receiving error “NO_DRIVERS_AVAILABLE”. Should I choose some specific city for tests on sandbox ?

Hi Mark,

The ETA is based on the fleet availability depending on the area, unfortunately it seems that the way that our driver bots are spawned may be contributing to the fact that no drivers appear to be available when calling the ETA endpoint.

It is possible to still create a job even if the eta endpoint indicates that there are no drivers available (even in Production) since the state of the fleet is ever changing and jobs can also be scheduled into the future. Feel free to go ahead and try creating jobs, they should still get assigned.

We are looking into this issue with this Sandbox ETA endpoint showing ‘NO_DRIVER_AVAILABLE’ and apologise again for the inconvenience. We will keep you posted on any updates.

Yes sure, I’m creating Job - it works fine but in the process of our integration we would like to show ETA to users. I will contact responsible person on my side and explain them. Thanks for help.

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Unfortunatelly on creating Job I have same error like on getEta. I’m sending current time + time of preparation (so time is in the future) but even that I see same error. I don’t have a place where I can get time when I can schedule Job. Eta not works, creating Job with these parameters too. Can you help me somehow ? Attaching data I’m sending and error.

Data in requst are fake.

Hi @mark,

The error here is that the order is scheduled before the Paris zone is open, it opens at 8:30 and you can determine our opening and closing times through our dedicated endpoint which allows you get scheduling slots.