Job scheduled but done 2 hours too soon

Jobs scheduled last Friday 06/14 at 5pm, but 2 drivers arrived at 3pm; How is it possible ?

Hello @OliviaMMCM,

I can see that the job with ID ‘9930258’ was created at 14:52 as an instant job.
To schedule a job please refer to the following post on How to schedule a job?
This job ‘9930258’ was cancelled by our support with the reason ‘End-customer refused package’.

I will respond to your query about the 2 drivers on your other post which describes this issue in more detail.

Hi Lauren,
Thanks for your answer.
For the scheduled jobs, we already tested in production and it was OK.
We don’t understand why it doesn’t work anymore, but we’ll check our code.

That is mean that all “cancelled” jobs by drivers are removed from our dashboard?

Best regards

Hello @OliviaMMCM,

‘Cancelled’ jobs will still appear in your Stuart dashboard, however jobs that were ‘voided’ by our support will not appear in your dashboard but you will receive the webhooks status of ‘cancelled’ for these voided jobs. This list shows the reasons that a job may voided or cancelled.

However I can confirm that job ‘9930258’ was cancelled and should still appear in the ‘History’ tab of your Stuart dashboard.

Hi @Lauren,
in that case, we have nothing in our history panel, so you we are agreed that something get wrong with the job ‘9930258’?
How could we know if something wrong is happening, like an “error” message or something, to keep trace of this job?
Thanks a lot!

Hello @OliviaMMCM,

On our side everything looks fine with this job. Could you please send me a direct message with the email address of the production account you are using to view the history of these jobs?

Can you also confirm the job ID of the last job you can see in the Stuart dashboard you’re using.