Incomplete / inaccurate documentation on coordinates

The API documentation on providing coordinates during job creation reads “The coordinates object contains latitude and longitude coordinates which are integer values” (emphasis mine). This should read floating point values.

Additionally, the job creation example in the above section does not include coordinates, so it’s not clear what the “coordinates” object should look like (the only way to find out is to review the announcement Job Creation with Lat/Long coordinates). Presumably the API docs should be self contained.

It’s especially important include this info in the docs themselves since the way coordinates are represented during job creation is different than how coordinates are represented elsewhere in the API:

  • during job creation coordinates are represented as an object with field names lat and long.
  • when fetching a created job, a coordinate object is not used, and the underlying terms are referred to as latitude and longitude (similarly with webhook updates).
  • for the areas route coordinate points are encoded as floating point tuple.
  • still elsewhere driver_lat and driver_long are used.

Thank you for your comments. We are constantly evolving and they are welcome !

In the job creation documentation, you can select the coordinates tab in order to see them.

Also, we will add the object specifications and the floats more clearly in the docs.

Thank you for supporting the Dev community with your post.

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I’m pleased to inform that we took into account your comments in the API documentation.


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