How to handle not being able to find a driver via API

So my website uses the API to find drivers, and at the moment, the location we are based in seems to always have drivers avalible when we need them.

However what happens if when I request a driver, staurt can’t find one?

When a user pays for thier order on the website and the payment is complete, I use the API to create a job. On creation of the job, I then send a nofitication to the customer with the trackingID so they can monitor the delivery to them.

What I want to know is what happens if staurt can’t find a driver, I’m currently not handling this in my code.

How long will stuart keep looking for a driver before it gives up? and when it gives up? how will my code know so I can then nofify my cutomer, or send an email to the business so they can make alternative arrangements.

Hello Ayo,

That’s a good question!
Please have a look at the updated FAQ answer describing the case you are mentioning.

Let us know if you have any additional question.