Error not mapped in api documentation


I have been reading the documentation and I would like to know if there are, apart from “RECORD_INVALID”, other errors not mapped in the documentation.

And also if there is a reason that let me, in de app, schedule a job for certain hour, that i can not set via API?

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Xavier Trinidad

Hello @xavier,

The common job creation errors can be found here in our api documentation, including ‘RECORD_INVALID’.

It should be possible to schedule a job through the api at the same hour as you can schedule through the app. Could you provide more information on the time you are trying to create the job in the app and the api, including the datetime string used to schedule the job through the api?

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Hi Lauren,

On one hand, thanks for the link, i though would be all in the same site because there are some ones in both pages, my fault.

On the other hand, through the dashboard i can schedule a job in a range of 8:00-8:15 but when i try to send it via api, it return me a RECORD_INVALID saying that “can not schedule a pickup at this time” and “is not a valid pickup time”. I am sending “2019-04-27T08:30:00+02:00” as pickup_time.

Thanks in advance

Which country are you currently residing in? The dashboard takes in to account your current location so this probably has something to do with the difference you are seeing in slots offered.

You can rely on the API to give you the correct response to whether the scheduling pickup time is available or not. The ‘Get Scheduling Slots’ endpoint can provide you with possible scheduling slots in a given city. You may also find our related post useful on how to schedule a job.

Thanks for the reply,

I am currently residing in Barcelona, Spain, and this is the reason why I send you the UTC with “+02:00”.

As an update, when I ask for the available slots, it seams to start at 9:15 (as first possible pickup hour). Is there any reason why it is limited to this schedule, if from the app if it can be scheduled before?

Hello Xavier,

When I create a job with the pickup address ‘Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 240, 08036 Barcelona, Spain’, you can see below the earliest time available as ‘9:15’. What result do you get with this address?

Hello Lauren,

Thanks for the reply, I attach you an image.

Hi Xavier,

Are you able to create the job with this time? If so could you provide me with the job number and I will try to investigate further. It does seem unexpected behaviour.


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Hi Lauren,

Sure, this is de job id #8277642.

Just to be sure, when I can cancel it?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Xavier,

Thank you for your example, that was very helpful. We have found that in the production environment where you created this job in the dashboard, 8:00am is the earliest slot. In the sandbox environment however the earliest slot is 9:00am. We will look into fixing this inconsistency between these two environments.

For more information on when you cancel a job you may find this post helpful.

Hello Lauren,

Apart of this, I just wanna say that I have been trying to schedule a job at that time via api in production environment, so I do not know if this has to be taken into consideration.


Hi Xavier,

Yes it is in the production environment that you can find a scheduling slot of 8:00am but this time is not available in the sandbox environment. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, we will look into fixing this inconsistency internally.

Thank you,