Error: Destination place Contact phone can’t be blank

On sandbox, when I send the following JSON, it fails, can you tell me why?

{“job”:{“pickup_at”:“2018-06-28 16:06:30”,“transport_type”:“bike”,“pickups”:[{“address”:“210 cours victor hugo, 33130 B\u00e8gles”}],“dropoffs”:[{“address”:“1 cours victor hugo, 33130 B\u00e8gles”}]}}

Response :
array(3) {
string(14) “RECORD_INVALID”
string(21) “Unable to save record”
array(1) {
array(3) {
string(10) “is invalid”
string(33) “Destination place: can’t be blank”
string(51) “Destination place: Contact phone: “” can’t be blank”

Hello @Mesoigner,

Actually in this case the issue come from the dropoff address you send us:

1 cours victor hugo, 33130 B\u00e8gles

In our end, we geocode this address using Google Geocoding. If the result from Google is not precise enough we require a phone number to avoid sending a driver to an approximate address without the contact phone number.

To avoid this error we recommend you to send us the pickup and dropoff phone numbers for every job creation request.

Best Regards,