Courier fees in France

We would like to integrated STUART API with our platform and are trying to estime the actual fees of a ride in France. I could not find this information. I only found the applicable fees for UK.
Do you have fees guidelines to estimate the cost of a ride in France please ?

Hello @Vincent ,

You can find our pricing list for France here.


Hello Adrien,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Would you mind please confirming how the distance is calculated ?

We are based in the Paris region in a small city and I estimate that the average delivery distance should be between >3.5 - 5km though it would depend how this distance is calculated ?
1- is it the shortest road from pick-up to drop-off or
2- the direct bird distance from pick-up to drop-off. Meaning without going via the road, just the actual distance via the air ?

I assume that it would be 1) correct ?



Hi @Vincent,

For the distance, we calculate the best route (pickup to dropoff) based on the transport type associated with the package type you provide.