Address normalization missing some addresses

Some addresses are not recognized.
Find here some examples that returned CANT_GEOCODE_ADDRESS:

replaces actual numbers

sample 1
“address”: “Villarroeel n.### rte. Daruma, 08980, Barcelona”

sample 2
“address”: “París, ## #-#, 08029, Barcelona”

sample 3
“address”: “C/.elizabeth # , Barcelona”

Sample 4
“address”: “gran via de les corts catalanes ###, Es el Hotel Estelar, Barcelona”


Thank you for your message, in deed this error can happen for different reasons, when the provided addresses is not accurate enough.

Here are our best practices about addresses: What are the addresses best practices?, or in Spanish here if you prefer : Mejores Prácticas de Direcciones.

The best way to prevent this kind of errors would be to use autocomplete address fields, before trying to crate jobs.

You can also validate the addresses with our address validation API, and the job parameters validation API.

You can also verify the validity of addresses with the Google’s API here: Google Developers.

To be more specific for your examples:

For you first example, the address might be misspelled and contains too many details: “### Carrer de Villarroel, Barcelona” can be geocoded for example.

For the second one, the address seems not to be specific enough. it could be something like “Carrer de Paris, 08029 Barcelona”.

The third one might also contain a misspell, it could be “Carrer d’Elisabets, 08001 Barcelona”.

For the last one, if would work if you remove additional address details, like : “gran via de les corts catalanes ###, Barcelona”.

Do not hesitate if you have more questions!