Adding developers into my account

How can I add developers to my account, so they can use the token and keys, without me needing emailing them all those information?

Hello @masoud,

To answer the best way possible, could you provide any more detail as to the situation?

Generally, you can store the ‘client ID’ and ‘client secret’ keys found here in your database to be able to authenticate.

Depending the setup for your developers maybe you could share your Stuart account login credentials (email address and password) with your fellow developers in a secure way so that they are also able to login to the Dashboard Admin page to retrieve the API credentials.


Hi Lauren

thanks for your reply but the whole point of being able to add developers to my account, which doesn’t seem to be available via my dashboard, is to avoid sharing email and password

Hello @masoud,

Are you able to store the API credentials in a database which multiple developers can securely access in order to work on the integration?

Regarding the ability to have multiple logins for the Dashboard Admin page, I can share this request with our Product team who are actively looking into improvements around account management such as these.

Your insights are very much appreciated to help us understand your struggles and make relevant improvements to help ease these pain points.


thanks for your response

there is always a way round things but the key question is whether it’s the right way or not

multiple login under same account is something your development team should definitely look into as otherwise giving away username and password, although can be done, but is what should be avoided at all times

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Completely agreed with you and I can confirm that this is something that we are looking into currently.

Thank you again for raising this.

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