How to get the Client API key?

I have tried using the sandbox account and the regular account but I am not getting a Client API key after requesting API credentials.

In Settings > API, it seems like I have everything except the key. I have the Username, API Client ID, API Secret, API OAuth token, and Client ID. But I do not see any Client API key!?

How do I get the API key that is needed for my Shopify store so the purchases for deliveries automatically go to Stuart?

Good afternoon @Hubert,

Can you please share with us a screenshot of the Shopify plugin screen (make sure you hide your details as this is a public forum)? It’s not developed by our team so it’s hard to tell what exact information they are asking you in order to set up the plugin.

I believe that the text strings you need are the “API Client ID” and the “API Secret”. But I should be able to confirm after I see the screenshot.

Thank you,

It looks like this has been corrected on the Stuart App on Shopify.

Originally, I was able to make it work by pasting in the Stuart API Key in the space that Shopify was calling “API Client ID”.

I see in my Shopify store that this has now been correctly renamed to “Stuart API Key” which they used to refer to as “API Client ID”.

I hope that clarifies things. Thank you for your help too!

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Thank you @Hubert for the heads up!