Accents of street names


Stuart deals well with the accents of street names?

We are executing CreateJob Stuart. We send as data drooff street as drooff
We get error, why?

{“dropoffs”:[{“address”:“Calle del Corregidor Diego de Valderrábano 25, 28030 Madrid”,“comment”:“2°”,“contact”:{“firstname”:“Carlos”,“phone”:"+34666999888"}}],“pickup_at”:“2018-09-19T18:02:15.427+02:00”,“transport_type”:“motorbike”}}

Response Staurt:

{“error”:“BAD_REQUEST”,“message”:“job[dropoffs][0][comment] is invalid”,“data”:[“job[dropoffs][0][comment] is invalid”]}

Hi Carlos,

The problem is coming from the special character " ° " in the comment field. This has to be removed and it should work fine then. Let us know.

OH!.. OK

sorry, …
Would you know to tell us what are the characters that do not accept staurt? that is, what characters return error?

What other special characters can return this same error?

Thanks you


In fact it is not a problem of the special character itself but it is an encoding issue.
You were actually sending 2\xB0 for .
We are expecting UTF-8 Unicode encoding.
So characters like: ° £ , ©, ñ 2.ª will work for comments, providing they are correctly encoded.