Vehicle selection process

Hi! May I ask regarding the process for vehicle selection if there are no remaining vehicles for preferred transport types? i.e. if our preferred transport type is bicycle but there are no available bicycles for booking, what will happen? Is there an option to opt for a vehicle that’s not a bicycle?

Hello @matt,

I believe that you are operating in UK is that correct?

If so, we recommend that you define 'job.dropoffs[0].package_type' in job creation rather than selecting a vehicle with'job.transport_type'.
This allows for a cross dispatch solution where any vehicle that can carry the package type that you define will be at your disposal. This solves the limitation of having only one transport type available for your job.

Thank you for replying Miss Lauren, but is it possible to know how it would work if only the transport type is given?

Is it right to assume that when a bike is requested, but there are no available bikes, a motorcycle or car will be sent or does it strictly try to follow the requested vehicle?

If you define 'job.transport_type' as bike, then only a bike can do the job. If there are no bikes available the job will expire and no other vehicle will be assigned to the job.

Thank you for answering, Miss Lauren!

My pleasure @matt, thank you for posting your question.
Have a great day.