The app Stuart doesn't choose the closest store to deliver

Hi, we have a shopify store. All is configured with Stuart delivery, we have few physical stores. We tried few addresses and the app Stuart doesn’t choose to deliver from the closest one.


As explained through private message, Shopify takes care of selecting the store from which an order will be picked up. The selection is based on the store’s opening hours, product availability, and the distance between the store and the end-customer’s address.

If you notice anything unexpected, please reach out to Shopify support.

Thanks :smiley:

Thank you for your reply, though i didnt receive your private message. I dont speak about the pick up locations of Shopify. What i was trying to say that the app Stuart doesnt pick the closest to the client store for delivery? It tested a lot

Please watch the video that i attached in my mail which shows that Stuart chooses the same store for delivery to clients even though others are just much closer to them. We on purpose put different delivery rate to differ which store was chosen

Hello @Rere,

We are currently reviewing your issue.
The post will be updated once your problem is solved.

Thank you!