The API OAuth token seems to change periodically


In the last two months we have received several times a token error during purchases in the online commerce of our client (Client ID: 223728), when checking the OAuth token API on Stuart’s website, it had changed, for so we proceeded to put the new one in the woocommerce plugin to restore operation.

Is it normal for the token to change automatically? Could it be changing for some reason that we don’t understand?

Any guidance would be helpful to us, thank you.

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Hello @xavi,

The plugin you are mentioning is not developed by us, as we have not developed any. However, let’s try to understand the issue.

In the public configuration page, how many fields are there to introduce Stuart’s tokens? 1 or 2? If there’s only one, it’s highly likely that the plugin developer asks for an active and valid token, which as API integration, lasts only for 1 month. If they ask for 2, that would be client ID and client secret, and with that, they could dynamically generate the token as they need it and theoretically, it should never expire (as when it does, it’s renewed).
My feeling is that it’s the first case, so the token needs to be renewed every 30 days.


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Hi @Sergi,

The plugin we use for wordpress does not use the client id or secret client, so it seems that you have to change the Token manually.

Is there a specific date of the month when the Stuart Token changes to be vigilant and avoid lost orders?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Hello Xavi,

The token lasts for a month after being generated.

If you generate it by calling the token endpoint, the server will return the seconds until it expires.

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