Revoked token in production

Hi there,

we have an issue since 14th of novembre, out token is revoked sometimes and sometimes not.
Here are all errors this month.
Thanks for your help.
Client ID:48394

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-11-14 14:31:04

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-11-17 14:30:03

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-11-17 14:30:34

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-11-21 13:52:24

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-11-21 14:30:02

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-11-21 14:31:03

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-11-27 17:11:03

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-11-28 15:15:44

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-01 18:30:05

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-01 18:30:36

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-04 17:20:03

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-05 17:17:01

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-05 17:17:31

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-05 17:52:57

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-05 17:53:28

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-10 11:01:37

{“error”:“INVALID_GRANT”,“message”:“The access token was revoked”}"|2020-12-10 16:28:32

Hello @OliviaMMCM,

Thank you for reporting this bug, we have been receiving similar reports of this issue and are planning to deploy additional logging on our side next week to gain further insight into what exactly is happening during these times.

We have recommended previously to ensure the access token is being cached until it’s expired and leaving a small delay after requesting a new access token and making another request to our API, this advice seems to have resolved the issue for some of our integrators.

Could you confirm in your case whether you’re receiving this error following a request for a new access token or from a different request made with a token which you believe to be valid?

Hi Lauren,
yes, we’re receiving this error following a request fr a new access token.
We are thinking that the seond or next request is OK using the first token granted to late for the first request.
We will add the cache as request. But in a previous answer for the same issue in May (Access token revoked) we juste found, you recommaned to add a refreshing approch using your librairies. But the’re is nothing for that in the Php library.
We’ll find a way to developp the refreshing process anyway.
Let me know when this bug will be fixed on your side, and why this is so current in november for us.
Thanks a lot

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Hello @OliviaMMCM,

Are you using the latest version of the PHP library? We recently made some changes that make the caching process way easier. Could you take a look?

Also, this library is also taking care of the delay after refreshing the token that @Lauren mentioned.


Hi Sergi,
you’re talking about his one?


Hello @OliviaMMCM,

Yes, this one :slight_smile:

An update on the advice mentioned in this topic regarding:

The known issue of replica delay which was causing some integrators to experience “token revoked” errors has now been resolved on our platform. Although adding a delay as mentioned above will certainly cause no harm, it is no longer a requirement as the replica sync issue has been resolved at it’s core. Our tips and best practices regarding authentication can now be found in our related oAuth authentication post.