Shopify plugin: Package size

Stuart uses predefined package sizes that are mapped to specific dimensions. This information is essential as it determines the vehicle type as well as the price of the delivery.

In this article, you can find the full specifications regarding package sizes.

How does the app determine the package size?

For a better experience, the Stuart Shopify app automatically defines the package sizes of any order based on the items selected by your customer. To do so, the app relies on the weight of each item. For example, if we look at the package sizes in the UK as shown below:

We can see that the corresponding package size for an order weighing 6kg will be S.

What setup do you need?

You must input the weight for each product of your shop.

:warning: If you do not provide any weight information for a product, it will have a default weight value of 1kg

To add weight to a product you must follow the steps:

  • Navigate to the products page of your shop
  • Select one of the product
  • Scroll down to the shipping section
  • Input the weight
  • Save your product

What are the benefits of it?

As explained above when you specify a weight for your products our app can easily map orders to one of Stuart’s package sizes. This presents two main advantages:

  • Better prices: The price of a Stuart delivery varies based on the package size.
  • Adequate transport type: The package size information allows us to assign a courier with the most suitable vehicle. For example, a small package can be delivered by a bike while a large one can be delivered by a cargo bike. Having the right transport type will avoid operational issues.
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