Postcode area whitelisting

My company is adding Stuart Integration to its EPoS product and our customers have the facility to whitelist postcode areas they deliver to, so that if an order comes in for a postcode they choose not to deliver to (for whatever reason) a notification is displayed to warn the user of the problem.

My question is, do you provide an equivalent postcode whitelist facility that provides the same functionality?

If you do provide this functionalilty we will make use of it, but if not then we can continue to use the functionality within our product.

Hello @alastair.mcdonald,

Thank you for your question, we can confirm that we don’t have any particular postcode whitelist functionality.

What our API does offer for understanding our delivery coverage is a Get zone coverage endpoint. Additionally specific addresses can also be validated through our Validate address endpoint.

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Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your reply which clarifies what we need to do.

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