Job Id Not created in some cases

Hello Paul,

Here we have a situation where sometimes we create a job id but we are getting a error which shows us Response not Get(. and when we hit it again then we are getting the error. Can we hit the api again using any script at our end until we dont get the job id ?

Another Scenerio

but when i hit again for recreate the job_id then i am getting a response which is given below

“message”: “Provided Order ID ‘Order_ID#1234_1’ is already used”

To be honest I need a usefull answer for this so we will not be in a situation where the job never get create in any condition due to hit failure

Hi @sand,

Can you send me the log or information about the creation request that failed? (payload would be great)
So I can investigate.

The “error”: “JOB_INVALID_DUPLICATED_ORDER_ID” means a job is active (scheduled or in_progress) with the same client_reference. In that case we will avoid the job creation and this is the expected behaviour. This topic can also helps you out: Why should I specify a "client_reference" in the Job creation?.

As soon as the job is canceled/voided or finished you can re-use the previous client_reference.

Hi paul,

Unfortunately we didnot save that log at that time but can you tell if there will be any situation we face then we can rehit the api automatically using any kind of script within 5 second i guess this time is enough for creating the Job Id.


No problem, let me know if you are facing it again.
What are you trying to re-hit? and when exactly ?

Suppose if i hit the Staurt Api for Job Creation and due to any reason job creation was not done at that time i want to re hit the api without letting user know. Is this possible.

Best practice would be to use our Validate Job parameters to validate your request and be sure it will create a job when using Create a job endpoint.

If job was indeed not created at that time you should be able to re-use the same client_reference without any problem.

Finally i got the error again on my end for the first time i am getting this error "“save_rider_job”:{“message”:“failed”,“error”:“requests data not found” and job never get created when i see this error

Again when i hit for job creation api it is showing me the different error which is “{“error”:“JOB_INVALID_DUPLICATED_ORDER_ID”,“message”:“Provided Order ID ‘Order_ID#4193032Ravi’ is already used”}”

But job was never created in this condition

Can you send me the payload for which you receive the first error message?

For the following error:

{“error”:“JOB_INVALID_DUPLICATED_ORDER_ID”,“message”:“Provided Order ID ‘Order_ID#4193032Ravi’ is already used”}”

It is sent when you try to create a new job with the same client_reference that another active job ( scheduled or in_progress ) is using.