[Feature Request] Courier Plate Number

Hi, we’d like to ask if it’s possible to include the driver’s license plate number in the Driver Location Update events? We have some VIP clients who have restricted access to loading bays.

Many thanks.

Thanks for your message @slavo,

Before I can give you any answer can you share with us a bit more context?
What does your VIP clients exactly needs? How do they do it today? Will this impact a lot of clients?

So we might think about the best way to answer this particular need.

In London several loading bays (e.g. The Shard) ask for the driver Name, Surname and License Plate (number) beforehand to ensure that they give access only to authorised couriers. Today we need to call the driver and ask him but most of the times he does not pick up as he’s driving. Stuart Live Support cannot help either as they are also missing this information.

Lastly, yes, it affects many of our clients and as security standards grow, it will become an even more frequent requirement.

In the UK, the industry–standard is that courier companies provide this information as soon as a driver is assigned.

Thank you for your complete message, I will forward this need to our Product team. They will need to discuss it internally and I will come back to you as soon as I have more news.

Best Regards

Thank you, would you have a time estimate on when we can expect to hear back from you guys?