Cutting over to v2 in production?


We are getting close to ready to start using v2 in production.

Before doing that, I wonder if there is anything you’d like to do on your side for our account, or are we free to simply switch over when we’re ready here?

v2 API is great, congrats on the major revision!

Many thanks,

Hi Mike,

Great to hear you are almost ready to use v2 in production!

We usually do a Go-live call to double check your integration before going to production. Best thing is to be able to share your screen and create jobs in your sandbox environment during our call so we can do some end-to-end tests together. You can book your slot for the call at your convenience directly in our integration calendar.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sounds great, thanks @Lauren! I think we’re really close, just want to make sure we’ve got solid error handling on our side. After we get that in place, we’ll do some more internal QA then make an appointment with you for the final thumbs up.

Many thanks,

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Hi @Lauren!

I’ve just scheduled an appointment for a Tech Kickoff Meeting – it was the only option the calendaring system presented. Is this okay for an integration test? We would like to try our new code with your v2 API and if blessed by your team, we’ll send it into production.

Also, what should we use to communicate with and share screens if necessary? We can arrange for something unless you have something specific in mind.


Hi Mike,

Great to hear!

Booking is confirmed and I added a conference link to the invitation. So we will be able to share screen if needed. Be sure you can create Jobs in the sandbox during the call so we can do the end-to-end testing session together.

If you can privately share me an access to your testing environment beforehand I can have a look already to better prepare the call.

Best Regards,