Change to expirations

As you may be aware we are currently rolling out a new architecture. This migration from old to new was intended to be transparent, with no evident changes for our clients.

It has come to our attention that one inherent difference in our new architecture may impact the way that jobs expire when a clients account does not have an expiration interval set.

How do expirations work currently?

The related topic on How does expiration work? What does the status `expired` mean? explains that our clients have customisable expiration intervals which can be set between 180 and 3600 seconds. Our support ( or your account manager at Stuart can make this change in order to better fit your delivery promise. Once the time a job has been searching for a driver reaches the custom expiration interval the job expires with the ‘expired’ status.

In our current architecture when there is no expiration interval set up for a client:

  • Scheduled jobs will expire after 40 minutes

  • Instant jobs will expire after a zone based expiration interval set internally by our operations team

  • Following these expiration intervals you will receive the ‘expired’ status

  • To relaunch the job the client must send another job request, the successfully created job will then have a new job and delivery id

How will expirations work now?

In our new architecture when there is no expiration interval set up for a client:

  • The job will search for a driver until the zone expiration interval is reached

  • After this point our support will be able to relaunch the job at anytime to continue searching for a driver

  • These expirations and relaunches won’t cause any status or id changes in the job or it’s deliveries

  • The ‘expired’ status will only be received at the end of working hours

Should I set an expiration interval for my account?

With our new architecture jobs will now expire at the end of the day to allow for our support to relaunch the job after the initial zone expiration. This is useful for clients who do not need to operate within tight delivery windows, for example same day delivery. You may wish to set an expiration interval for your account if:

  • You need to meet specific delivery windows

  • The package contents need to remain hot or cold

Please contact our support at ( or your account manager to set up an expiration interval for your account.

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