What is the maximum delivery distance?


Do you have a maximum delivery distance between the pickup and the dropoff address ?

We would like to avoid the JOB_DISTANCE_NOT_ALLOWED error when our customers select an address that is too far of the picking point. Currently they can select any address within the stuart zone on a map, but if the zone is too large a lot of customers will be too far for delivery, so this information is important to us to display the correct zone.


Hi @Guillaume,

Are you operating with Stuart in France or other countries?

The maximum distance of a job depends on the size of the order and also the zone.
In France you’d define the transport type, the maximum job distance is 15km for bike.

Hopefully this is the information you were looking for but let us know if you require any additional information for other countries or transport types.


Thank you @Lauren,

My first customer will be operating in France, but it would be nice if i could have the maximum job distance for each country/transport type because we are integrated all theses rules in a standard module that will be used for other shops.


Certainly, please find below our maximum job distance guidelines by area and order size. For more information on order sizes check out our package & transport type mappings.

:uk: Up to Medium Above Medium
London 8km 16km
Rest of UK 12km 16km
:es: Up to Small Medium
Spain 4km 25km
:fr: Bike Car
France 15km 50km

Thanks you. Will you modify these values in the future ? It would be nice if you could add this in the Tips & Best Practices section so we can have the latest values.

Hi @Guillaume,

These aren’t likely to change very much but we will add these into the Tips & Best Practices and update whenever necessary. Thank you for your feedback :smile: