Stuart URL scheme

I am trying to launch the Stuart app from a flutter app. Does anyone know what is the Stuart URLscheme? It looks like I need this in iOS to open the app rather than the website


Hello @m4trix,

I understand you’d like to open the client application from another application, right? Could you give me more details on that?

I will also have a talk with the Mobile team to understand if it’s a possibility at the moment.


in iOS I can open the instagram app from my own app by using the URLscheme which is an id of the instagram app. I would like to do the same with Stuart so I was wondering to know what is the URLscheme of the Stuart app.

Hello @m4trix, we have checked internally and our iOS application does not have any custom URL scheme for you to open the application using it.

Many thanks for this quick turnaround. Hopefully you are going to add it in the future. Best Regards, M4trix

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