Need to get in touch with stuart team

Hello stuart team,
We are hyteno, a platform designed for restaurant owners to have their own online order management system.
About us:

We want to integrate stuart in our platform as a delivery partner.
Thus, we would like to have a meeting with the stuart team if possible.
We want to discuss a few issues that we facing in our stuart integration (order flow).

Please provide us a way to contact you or please email us at:

Suzan from Hyteno

Hi @suzan,

Thank you for your message.

We’re happy you have chosen Stuart as a delivery partner.
Please use our email address to contact the team if you would like a deeper discussion on your order flow.

Please note, we have posted the ideal order flow according to our best practices on our developer’s portal.

You can also find our quick start guide there, which would help get you started with a sandbox account for testing in 5 quick steps.

Please feel free to reach out once you have gone through the following and have further questions.