How do access codes work?

Hi Stuart team,
I’ve been reviewing your documentation and I can’t find an example of an access_code. Is the access_code something that we have to make ourselves or are these codes located somewhere in your API? It’s the first time I use them and I don’t know how they work.

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Hello Jordi,

Thank you for your question.

Access codes refer to information that you may need to present to the driver in order for them to gain access to a building or locker. This is information that you would provide from your side, for example a series of numbers and letters to be entered into the access control keypad at the door of the pickup location.

It is possible for you to provide text or QR codes in this access_codes object. You may find our post useful which shows how information such as access codes are presented in the driver app.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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