Branding Guidelines

Good day!

I was wondering if Stuart has any recommended branding guidelines for third-party companies who want to integrate with them. For context, I am looking for something like what YouTube / Google has for API integrators (Servicios de la API de YouTube: Lineamientos de desarrollo de la marca  |  Google for Developers)

Let me know if there’s something similar. Thanks!

Hello Ian,

Thank you for reaching out on the community forum.

I understand that you’d like to know if we have some public guidelines on how to use Stuart’s trademarks or logos while integrating with us.

As of now, we don’t have these guidelines publicly accessible on our website. However, I know that our Partnership team is in touch with your team, and they will assist you with this matter.

As for technical guidelines, I trust you are already familiar with our developer portal and API documentation.

Should you have additional questions, please let us know.

Got it. Thanks, Andres!