Woocommerce Plugin Questions

Hi, we are running an E-Commerce website via woocommerce that already uses Stuart for same day deliveries, however we would now like to integrate the official Stuart plugin into our site. As a result, we have some questions that we would like answered before we implement it fully on our site.

  1. Can the customer that has paid for the Stuart delivery see the Address / Pickup info details, eg can the customer see the first name/last name/email and phone number of the Pickup info, or is this information only accessible to the delivery driver picking up the order.
  2. After an order is placed, by default the delivery should be created after payment is taken. If I enable a delay to prepare the order of 45 minutes, does the delivery job get created instantly and is the driver scheduled to come to pick up after the 45 minutes?
  3. What happens if I realise that I cannot fulfil the customer’s order after the 45 minutes, and the driver has already shown up. If I cancel the order while the Stuart driver has come for pickup, will I be penalised?
  4. How can I remove the Stuart branding from my website and on the delivery page, so that my competitors will not know what service I use.
  5. How does the Hours & Days setting work, if I put the start time at 2pm in the afternoon, and a customer places an order at 1pm. Will the Stuart delivery option be available, or will it not show at all during checkout/cart shipping options.
  6. How does this work with the Pause feature in Hours & Days
  7. If I filter delivery by specific postcodes, if a customer lives in a postcode that has not been allowed, will they not be able to see Stuart as a delivery option?
  8. Is there a way to speed up the delivery process, for example, as stated above if I have delay enabled at 45 minutes, if I want a driver to come urgently on this occasion, rather than waiting the full 45 minutes, is there a way to make this happen?
  9. On the other hand, is there a way to increase the delay on a specific order, for example if I need a 90minute delay rather than 45 minutes, is there a way to tell the driver to come after 90 minutes?

Many Thanks

Hi @Testsv,

Thank you for your questions & to confirm your query has been acknowledged.
We are checking a few of the points you have raised and will get back to you shortly.

Many thanks,

Hi @Testsv,

Thank you for your questions and your interest in our WooCommerce plugin.

  1. The end-customer will not be able to see the pickup store’s contact details such as first & last name, phone number and email. This information is only accessible by the courier to find the pickup location and contact the store upon arrival or for assistance to complete the pickup.

  2. To confirm if you schedule a job with a delay (Prep time) of 45 minutes, this will create a job which will be scheduled to start at the specified time. Also known as a scheduled job, more information can found in our post here. Order Scheduling

  3. If a driver has accepted a job for longer than 2 minutes then a cancellation fee will be applied, please see this post for more information. How does cancellation work?

  4. In the WooCommerce Stuart plugin setting under “basic settings” then Method title, you are able to customise the name of the shipping offering however, the tracking link has “powered by Stuart” in the map. I will investigate further to find out if this is a possibility.

  5. The hour & days setting is used to set custom store opening and closing times. Stuart shipping option will not be available if end-customers try to place an order before your custom start time or after your closing time.

  6. The “pause feature” is used if your store has a break time where no-one will be able to fulfil an order. This can be perhaps restocking or a lunch break. This will stop orders from being place for the specified start pause & end pause time.

  7. This is correct, if a location falls outside of your postcode list, this area will not be available for Stuart delivery, I would recommend using a zone instead of specifying postcodes.

  8. Once an order has been placed via the WooCommerce plugin there isn’t currently a way to update a job. While we ask for the prep time to be calculated accurately we also understand sometimes this can’t be 100% accurate, I would recommend in this case possibly cancelling the order if a driver hasn’t accepted yet and creating a job sooner in time.

  9. Similar to the situation above, if you realise the job may need more time before a courier has accepted the job, cancel the job and raising another one later in time.

I hope this helps you with your integration & feel free to ask more questions if needed.

Kind regards,