I am getting this message since yesterday “Job distance exceeded the maximum range of the selected transport type” in the sandbox.

using transprort type “motorbike”. previously it was working fine.

Is there any restriction for transprort type “motorbike”?

Can you please look into it asap and get back to us.


May I ask which area you operate in? Maximum delivery distances will actually vary depending on region.
For a general overview of maximum distances in the UK, France and Spain see here:

:uk: Up to Medium Above Medium
London 8km 16km
Rest of UK 12km 16km
:es: Up to Small Medium
Spain 4km 25km
:fr: Bike Car
France 15km 50km

For a list of our package size and dimensions if operating in the UK or Spain please see our package and transport type mappings.

I hope this helps!

Currently we are operating in UK BIRMINGHAM

Can you please provide us details of Max distance covered and their pricing by transport type “motorbike” in the UK?

we deliver food orders.

If operating in the UK we would actually advise only specifying ‘package_type’ and nottransport_type’ as this may restrict the number of available couriers in certain areas and possibly impact your overall experience.
Regarding package sizes you can see this post on package type mappings, as this will detail package dimensions and their associated size categories.

Once package type is specified, with all other valid job parameters filled out, an appropriate courier can be assigned.

In terms of pricing:
The Stuart API has a feature that will give you a pricing quote based on the parameters of the job you create. By calling the get pricing endpoint you will be able to receive a quote that will be the maximum possible price of the job, based on delivery distance, package size and transport type; We have a guide here that explains this in more detail.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out.